Paged Feeds Example

This example shows how to use the HomeFeeds Listing Control to render feeds accross a number of pages.


Below is an example of the Home Feeds in action.

First Item

First Item Sub Title


Another Sub Title

Yet More

Yet More Sub Title

and we

and we Sub Title

Must Keep

Must Keep Sub Title

On Going

On Going Sub Title

JSON Options

This is the json used for the Control :

  "cFeedType": "PAGED_EXAMPLE_01",
  "nMaxFeeds": -1,
  "cDataItemType": "",
  "nDataItemId": -1,
  "cListItemCtrl": "Net4orce.Canvas.General.HomeFeeds.List.ListItem",
  "cItemCSSClass": "col-md-4",
  "oImgOptions": {
    "width": "500",
    "height": "50",
    "color": "#333",
    "background": "#aaa",
    "cssClass": ""
  "bEnablePaging": true,
  "cPageParam": "page",
  "nPageSize": 6,
  "cPagerPosition": "both",
  "cPagingType": "normal",
  "cSortOn": "nSort",
  "cPagerControl": "Net4orce.Canvas.General.HomeFeeds.List.Pager"