Modal Feeds with ShowMore Paging

This demo show the use of Feeds being used with WebPage support, Modal Support and Show More PAging support all enabled.


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JSON Options

This is the JSON used for this setup

  "cFeedType": "MODAL_SHOW_MORE_EX_01",
  "nMaxFeeds": -1,
  "cDataItemType": "",
  "nDataItemId": -1,
  "cListItemCtrl": "Net4orce.Canvas.General.HomeFeeds.List.ModalItem",
  "cItemCSSClass": "col-md-4",
  "oImgOptions": {
    "width": "500",
    "height": "40",
    "color": "#333",
    "background": "#aaa",
    "cssClass": ""
  "bEnablePaging": true,
  "cPageParam": "page",
  "nPageSize": 3,
  "cPagerPosition": "both",
  "cPagingType": "showmore",
  "cSortOn": "nSort",
  "cPagerControl": "Net4orce.Canvas.General.HomeFeeds.List.Pager",
  "bEnableWebPages": true,
  "cRootURL": "",
  "cWebPageType": "",
  "cModalType": "inline"

Editing the Modals

The content of the modal is edited like normal, the user opens the modal and is able to make the changes.

Items which don't appear on the first set are editable by using the normal "Show More" button and then opening the modal for editing.