Nav Supported Home Feeds

These feeds have the bEnableNavSuport flag set true, which when addding new items to the feed a dedicated Nav type is created & associated with the Feed's item.

The setting requires that bEnableWebPage is enabled, within the feed options and then the WebPage is added to the Nav by default.

The Race Feed

The Race Feed Sub Title

Nav Support Sections

Nav Support Sections Sub Title

Nav Backed Feeds

Nav Backed Feeds Sub Title

A Fourth Feed

A Fourth Feed Sub Title

APS Example

APS Example Sub Title

The destination pages are then expected to load the Nav via a DataSource with the following options:

  "cFeedType": "NAV_EX_01",
  "nMaxFeeds": -1,
  "cDataItemType": "Net4orce.Canvas.General.WebPages.WebPage",
  "nDataItemId": 46,
  "cListItemCtrl": "Net4orce.Canvas.General.HomeFeeds.List.ListItem",
  "cItemCSSClass": "col-md-6",
  "oImgOptions": {
    "width": "300",
    "height": "200",
    "color": "#333",
    "background": "#aaa",
    "cssClass": ""
  "bEnablePaging": false,
  "cPageParam": "page",
  "nPageSize": 12,
  "cPagerPosition": "both",
  "cPagingType": "normal",
  "cSortOn": "nSort",
  "cPagerControl": "Net4orce.Canvas.General.HomeFeeds.List.Pager",
  "bEnableACL": false,
  "bEnableWebPages": true,
  "cRootURL": "/homefeed/demo/nav-webpage/",
  "cWebPageType": "NAV_WEBPAGE_EX_01",
  "cModalType": "",
  "bEnableNavSupport": true,
  "aNavDefaultPages": []

Nav Creation

When the author / admin adds an item to the feed, both a WebPage and a Nav are also created.

The destination URL is derived from the cRootURL property and the Name given to the Feed Item.

This allows for another section to be created which match these Paths. On these sections, you can include the Nav, allowing for additional pages to be created "Behind" the Feed item.