A Gallery View

Using Dynamically Loaded HomeFeeds to create a Set of Gallery Pages

Click through to a Gallery.


Here we're creating a set of pages that render a Gallery of images. The Gallery or image listing is going to be renderd using the HomeFeeds assembly.

To enable multiple gallery pages, the page url controls which set of HomeFeeds is used to populate the UI.

We will use the Navs.Basic control to allow the site's Author to add new Galleries, control their visibility and allow for navigation between the different Galleries.

Listing Of Galleries

You're currently viewing the "Overview" page for the gallery, below is a list of the current galleries.

This listing is a bespoke control that inherits from the Same Navs.Basic control that is used for the individual pages. We've used a custom / bespoke version so that we can re-style the listing below, while retaining the built-in Access Control that the Navs.Basic control supports.