Todo (No) MVC

This is an example, built using Savnac, of the well known "TodoMVC" Framework comparison example, although Canvas isn't an MVC based framework.

Canvas / Savnac Example TodoMVC URL :

Public Git repo for Example :

Build using Savnac Canvas Plugin :

What is TodoMVC?

We created TodoMVC - a project which offers the same Todo application implemented using MV* concepts in most of the popular JavaScript MV* frameworks of today.

Built using Canvas & Savnac 

So we're using Canvas to create this example, and in order to replicate the Higher Fidelity over the rendering of web content a'la "Angluar", "Ember" etc. we're using an extension to Canvas called Savnac.  

We could have used regular WebForms and AJAX / XHR callbacks; I opted to use Savnac as it's specifically designed to give the developer much greater control over clinet / server communication while retaining the WebForm concept of reusable controls backed by C# for server-side processing, in much the same way as WebForms ASCX control have CodeBehind, a savnac control has some TypeScript & some, optionally, associoated C#.  

Differences to TodoMVC

Unlike the other MVC examples, that make use of local storage to retain the items, this example shows how easy it is to use the server to track the items.  This does mean that the ToDo items are shared but it would be trivial to separate the todo items via session / authed user. 

Video Demo 

Here's a demo video of the ToDo app:

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