Creating a blank site from the Initial Start Zip

To get start even faster there are a number of zip files around, which start new site with defaults such as the Dash & Net4orce.Canvas.General Dynamic Assemblies Installed. This example shows it in use.

Canvas / Savnac Example URL :

Public Git repo for Example :

]The video show a quick setup & creation of a repo on the Gitlab server which is then added as an assembly to the new Canvas install. 

A couple of Files are added Defaut.aspx & Index.ascx - each with C# code behind.  These files have some content added, Default.aspx(.cs) has content taken from another site & modified, the Index.html is nothing more than an <h1>Hello World</h!> title.

An /index.html section is created with the Handler routing to the newly created Default.aspx.

The new designer in the Dashboard is then used to add the Index.ascx to the Section.  

This shows the Site working with "Hello World" visible, along with the default Canvas Admin Nav. 

This initial work is Committed to the git repo, checked to prove that the code is being pushed to the master repo.

Some Images / logos are uploaded, via the Dashboard.  Each of the image has a ReWrite added, /img/<name-of-img>.png to make referencing in the HTML easier.

These images are then added to the Index ascx, showing how the ReWrites have worked.

Lastly, a button is added to the Index ascx, which toggles a global "bShoeImages" flag within the C# that controls the visibility of these images in the HTML.

Time Lapse Video