Concept Image Editor 1

This is a workspace for creating a concept for an image editing tool.

Concept Requirement

The edit needs to allow the Author to Resize, Crop, Rotate and Watermark an image.

The editor will be included into the "Images" modal of the editor.

The Editor will have a means to force an aspect ratio & pixel diamentions.

The browser will use regular HTML functionality to allow the author to visually manipulate the image rendering the impression of the resultant image.

The final image will be generated by sending a set parameters from the browser to the server where it creates a final.

Image Editor Concept 1

Server Parameters

width - the width of the final image

height - the height of the final image

top - the top pixel for cropping

left - the left pixel for cropping

scale - the factor the image is zoomed in/out

rotation - the degree of rotation

rot_top - the top position of the center of rotation

rot_left - the left position of the center of rotation