NetCanvas Examples

Here are some examples, with sources & git repositories of web sites, web / hybrid apps and cloud based systems.

Cheetsheet Modal

Markup for Bootstrap Modals.

CSS Cheat Sheet

Some CSS / Less quick reference classes.

Using the Editor's "Dynamic" Control

How to use the old "Dynamic" ASCX control that allows you to write ASCX / HTML via the Sections Designer without the need for a dedicated ASCX in the Dynamic Assembly.

Geo Location Examples

How to use IP and other data to derive the visitors Physical location.

Home Feeds Examples

Example using the HomeFeeds Dyn Ass to page feeds

CheetSheet NetCanvas Listings

Quick reference HTML & C# for using the NetCanvas control.

Savnac Cheetsheet

Some quick reference of HTML, TypeScript & C# for using the Savnac lib.

Copying a DataBase / Collection

Here we look at coping / cloning a MongoDB Collection into another DataBase.

CheetSheet NetCanvas Forms & Templates

Quick HTML for Forms

Update Individual Fields in Mongo

How to update selected fields in a MongoDB for a set of documents.

Grid Layout Cheetsheet

Cheatsheet for different Grid layouts

MongoDB Aggregate Pipline

How to use MongoDB's Aggregation Pipeline to create more advanced queries where only subset of fields are returned from the collection of documents.

Create an Excel File using EPPlus

How to upload and make use of a 3rd Party dll, EPPlus, to create an Excel Spreadsheet in 5 mins.

Initiate Binary File Download from Button Click

Download a flle via Code-Behind click handler

Creating a blank site from the Initial Start Zip

Create a site with some imgs and a DynAss backed by git with Time Lapse video

Marketing Example #1

Simple single page Marking site with time lapse video of it's creation.

Todo (No) MVC

The Classic TodoMVC framework selection example